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Sand filters made with  polyester and fibreglass.

Filtration bed height of 1 m. From Ø1050 to Ø2000.


  • Range of filters diameters from 1050 to 2500 mm, with 1 m filtration height.
  • Designed for use in public swimming pools.
  • Manufactured by spraying on layers of polyester resin and fibreglass strands.
  • Excellent gel-coat exterior finish.
  • Base made of polyester.
  • Ø400 upper lid with nuts.
  • Interior parts made of unalterable plastic UPVC.
  • Can be connected to 4 / 5 valves manifold.
  • Maximum working pressure: 2,5 Kg/cm2.
  • Maximum working temperature: 40 ºC.
  • Nozzle Plate: optional upon request.

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